Essay contest “Communication and Citizenship”

Concerning written Works that develop the main topic of the Congress: “Communication  and Citizenship”.

1. The contest will be open for submission when this call is published, and the reception of works will have Monday March 7th, 2011, as due date.

2. The essay must express a clear reflection and an opinion. Aspects that will be evaluated are:

a.       Originality

b.      Clarity

c.       The relationship of the subject-matter with theoretically grounded ideas

d.      Spelling and syntax

3. All communications students and students of related studies may participate in this contest.

4. Only one text will be admitted for each student.

5. The essay submitted must not have been used in any other contest, publication or activity.

6. Characteristics of the text:

a.       Arial 12 points

b.      1.5 line spacing

c.       Margins 2.5cm each side

d.      Titles and/or subtitles in bold

e.      Justified text

f.        Letter size

g.       Length: limit 1000 words

7. The text must be printed, copied thrice over, signed by a pseudonym, and also saved in a CD; all within a yellow envelope, office paper size, with the name wirtten in the front, student number or ID, current semester of study, title of the essay, e-mail and phone number.

8. The evaluation committee will be constituted by academicians of the communications programs of the region and their judgment will be without the possibility of a plea.

9. The results will be made known via e-mail or by pone by March 22nd, 2011.

10. The winning essay will be read out loud at the inaugural event on April 8th, 2011, and it will be kept for the BINACOM academic archive.

11. Prizes:

a.       One essay will be selected, and the winner will receive a wave on the payment of the BINACOM Congress, which will take place in Tijuana, Mexico, April 8th and 9th.

b.      The prize includes:

c.       1. Congress pass.

2. Access to workshops and roundtables.

3. Meal allowance.

12. Submission of work:

a.       Submit your work at your university or at the Congress headquarters in Tijuana, Mexico.

Address: Calzada Tecnológico no. 14418, Mesa de Otay, Tijuana, Baja California, México c.p. 22390, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

b.      For more information, ask at your university or write to:


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