The next BINACOM encounter (Binational Association of Communication Schools will take place on April 8th and 9th, 2011 at the Humanities Faculty of UABC Tijuana)

1.- The invitation is open to all Multimedia productions made by students from any university that participates on BINACOM 2011 to be selected for the Multimedia Exhibition panel in the categories of Interactive media and Animation

2.- All participants’ projects must have been developed between 2009 and 2010.

3.- The length of the projects submitted must no exceed 1 minute for the Animation category and no more than 5 scenes for the Interactive media category.
4.- There is no limit of projects submitted by each participant.
5.- All participants’ projects will be received for its selection at the moment of this announcement until March 11th , 2011 at the proper coordination of the universities members of BINACOM on both countries.

Multimedia projects characteristics to be eligible
The categories are:
• Animation
• Interactive media

Any production may be in English or Spanish but must be subtitled (depending on each case must be translated).
Themes or topics to be exposed are free. However, it should fit into or as a result of any scholar or academic research made by any university member of BINACOM.
The visual or audio content must not be in any case refered to commercial brands, propaganda, political parties or religious groups.
The registration of any work/project is free.
Submitting directions:
The files must be submitted in a CD in a compatible format for its execution in PC as well as for MAC. In addition to that a swf format copy is also requested.
The resolution must not exceed the 1024×768 pixels, and a minimum of 550×440 at a pattern of 12 fps.
All CD’s should be clear and properly identified with a marker (Black Sharpie or similar with no stickers at all) including the following information: Student’s name, name and year of the production, length, category and university).
Every CD must include student’s registration form photocopied along with two images of the project ( tiff or JPG format / CMYK with a resolution of 500 KB or higher)
All materials will not be returned and selected projects will become part of the BINACOM visual archives.
All projects must be delivered in person or mailed to the proper coordination of the BINACOM participant universities in a closed envelope with the student’s name and category clearly written. The CD should be well protected by its case. (The Organization Committee is not responsible for any loss or malfunction of the disc.)
Participants who study in universities not members of BINACOM may mail their work to the following address:

Facultad de Humanidades
Calzada Tecnológico no. 14418, Mesa de Otay,
Tijuana, Baja California, C.P. 22390


The selection of the projects will be made by a specialized committee created by scholars of the universities participant and members of BINACOM.
The committee will select those works that prove creativity, relevant topics or issues and quality during its production.
Students and their selected projects will be notified via email starting on March 21st.
Directors / Producers of the selected projects will be invited to be part of the panel of Multimedia during the BINACOM encounter 2011 in Tijuana.
Once a project is selected, it will not be removed from the panel during the event.
Participating on this invitation assumes the acceptance and agreement of the rules of this encounter. Any unexpected event will be solved by committee and participants will be notified.

For more information you can email us at:


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