Submissions call for Photography Exhibition / ENG

17th Congress / Communication and Citizenship / Comunicación y Ciudadanía

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC)

Tijuana Campus

Submissions call for Photography Exhibition

– The 17th BINACOM Congress will take place April 8th and 9th, 2011, at the Facultad de Humanidades, UABC, Tijuana, Mexico.

– An invitation is hereby issued to all the students of the universities that have membership with BINACOM (or related to communication), to submit their photographic projects, to be selected and presented at the Photography Exhibition that will be organized for the Congress.

– Participants may be current students or alumni with completed studies no later than one year prior to the Congress.

– All participating projects must have been initiated after 2008.

– Each participant may submit one project for selection (in the understanding that project are images that organize around an intention and/or concept).

– Submissions will be received for selection until March 11 (Friday), 2011, at the respective departments of the participating universities in both countries.

Participation characteristics:

Selected participants will exhibit their projects within two modalities:


–    Each participant may present a project that consists of 3 to 5 photographs.

–    Measures may vary, yet they may not exceed the format of 16 x 20 inches.

–    Photos may be mounted on white cardboard sheets or over foam board support.


The selected works will be presented at a talk in which the authors will explain them, as well as answer questions from other participants.


–    “Communication and citizenship”. The organizing committee will make a selection of up to 40 photos, that will be printed for exhibition during the Congress. The responsibility for this printing is borne by the organizing committee.

–    Open subject-matter. Projects may also pertain to any subject-matter chosen by the author, provided that at least three photographs describing a single concept be presented. The work selected in this modality will adhere to its inherent requirements, as the printing and displaying will be executed by the author.

Characteristics of submission for selection:

–    Material that is submitted for selection must be given in CD identified with highlighter (black ink, no tags) with the following information: student name, e-mail, indicate subject-matter, and name of university.

Material must be compatible with Mac and Windows.

–    The CD must contain the following:

o    A Word document (.doc or .rtf) with the author’s data (name, university, e-mail, telephone number) and photograph data (name of the series, number of images, name of each image, technique and date of completion).

o    A folder containing all images.

・    If the subject-matter is open, all images must be submitted in JPEG file, at 100 dpi (or no larger than 1920 pixels wide by 1080 high).

・    If the subject-matter is citizenship and Communications, each photograph must be submitted in JPEG file, at 300 dpi.

・    Each photograph must have the name of the title of the series in numeric order (such as, for example: Subject-matter: “City” – presented in 3 photographs with files named: City1.jpg, City2.jpg, City3.jpg)

–    Submitted CDs will not be returned, and selected images will become part of the BINACOM archive.


– The selection of photographic production will be chosen by an Expert Committee formed by members of the BINACOM universities.

– The criteria for selection will be quality, creativity, and adherence to subject-matter as established by the Expert Committee.

– Those selected will be notified by e-mail after March 22nd, 2011.

Selected work will be displayed during the BINACOM Congress dates, and the author will be required to participate in the projection, during the Photography Panel.

Submission of work:

– All submissions must be made either personally or through a delivery service, in a CD within a sealed envelope, to the corresponding BINACOM university chairs.

– Once a project is accepted, it may not be withdrawn, nor may its display be canceled.

– Participation in this submissions call and exhibition implies the acceptance of all BINACOM rules. Unforeseen circumstances will be dealt with by the BINACOM central organization.

For more information write to:


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